Giovanna Sauceda

Gio is a small town girl from Arizona who's love for the art lead her to study in the UK. She has recently completed her degree in BA (Hons) Makeup for Media and Performance at the Arts University Bournemouth and is the recipient of the 2017 Nigel Beale Award.

Throughout her university career, Gio has learned from all fields of makeup and has discovered a lot about herself and what her strengths are. Without possibly choosing a specialization, Gio considers herself an all-rounder in the fields of Makeup. At university she has discovered a passion for wig making and hair styling, as well as for fiberglassing and face and body casting. Whilst at university, Gio has been given the opportunity to gain experiences as makeup designer and assistant in play and film productions.

Gio's strongest traits are hairstyling, wig styling, beauty , fashion, and theatre makeups. She is not afraid to challenge herself as she explores Special Effects. She is trained in sculpting, fiberglassing, mold making, face and body casting.